Edward Said: the last interview (2004)

Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Mike Dibb | 114 minutes

Edward Said: the last interview

Mike Dibb

Edward Said, professor of Literature at Columbia University and one of the
most important cultural critics of the late 20th century, was for decades
one of the most articulate and principled advocates of the Palestinian
struggle. His critical academic writing, voluminous political commentary,
and passionate defence of the rights of all oppressed peoples, marked Said
out as one of the 20th century's foremost public intellectuals and
humanists. Suffering from terminal leukemia since the early 1990s, Said
gradually reduced his public appearances and declined to give interviews in
the final years of his life. He made one exception in agreeing to speak in
2002 with Charles Glass, renowned investigative journalist, broadcaster,
and Middle East analyst. Directed by Mike Dibb (Ways of Seeing with John
Berger), The Last Interview is a captivating portrait of Said, who speaks
about his political, personal, and scholarly life frankly and in depth.

Full feature (audio): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2FobTFMapU

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