Paradise now (2005)

Origin: Palestine | France | Germany | Netherlands | Israel | Fiction | Director: Hany Abu Assad | 97 minutes

Paradise now

Hany Abu Assad 2005 fiction 97 min.

Two young Palestinian men Khaled and Said have been friends since
childhood. They are both recruited to carry out a suicide bombing in Tel
Aviv. The two men are allowed to spend what is presumably their last night
alive with their families. However, since absolute secrecy must be
maintained and they can tell nobody of their mission theirs can be no
proper farewell. The next morning, the men are brought to the border. The
bombs have been attached to their bodies in such a way as to make them
completely hidden from view. However, the operation does not go according
to plan. Separated from each other and left to their own devices, it's up
to them to face their destiny and stand up for their convictions.

Paradise Now is Abu Assad's (Ford Transit Rana's Wedding) first major
release feature and was nominated for an Oscar in 2006.


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